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17 June 2011


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What gorgeous little girls. Cool with the Ferris wheel behind them.


such a fun shot - love the Ferris wheel in the background!


Oh this is just adorable! The background is perfect too :)


You gave yourself some great critiques! I love that you got down low to the ground on their level for this shot. It helped to show how little they are compared to the ferris wheel. I do think if you had opened up your aperture a little to maybe f/4 it would have brightened up the photo a little. Not sure if that is possible with your lens though. My other thought is there is a pole coming out of Eva's head. If you had moved them or yourself to the right you may have avoided it. That being said, this is a fabulous photo! Like I said, I like how you got down on their level. The expressions and casualness of this photo is great! Love all the colors!! Great job!!


Thanks for stopping by, ladies, and for the tips, Courtney! Hah...I feel like my subjects always have pole-head or tree-head or something like that.

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