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29 June 2011


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oh wow, awesome pic! So cool you went to Hong Kong!


How neat! What a fun trip.


Sounds like a fun trip. Awesome photo.


Love Hong Kong, my parents lived there for 5 years. So Of course we had to visit! Awesome shot, really captures the moment.

Kim C.

He is a cutie. Very neat photo!


Phew! It's working now :O) I love this photo!! I love that you were brave enough to take photos of a stranger! This definitely helps to give the feel of the people in Hong Kong!! I like how you took it from right above the type rider so we feel like we are looking in on his concentration and task! I'm glad you didn't crop out all the stuff in the background since it helps tell the story!! Great job! Glad you had fun on your trip! Looking forward to seeing more photo!!

Living Free

Nice capture!


I hope he's wearing pants or, at least, underwear! Congrats on traveling with a baby and no male muscles to help you. You're officially a pro now. :)

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