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08 July 2011


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Living Free

Nice! I know what you are referring to in your disclaimer ;). I'm still using Picasa and Piknik to edit and I still like my photos to appear real and not too touched up, plus it really challenges me to keep improving my skills.


LOL, i totally feel you about the Facebook effect! I feel that way when I look at photoblogs also! My photoshoots are always so hectic, sweaty, i'm always forgetting to check settings, I lose something, etc. Sweet picture, love the silhouette. The only thing I can thing of is to find a clearer place to take silhouettes, somewhere without distractions. But otherwise the sky and the details look awesome! oh, btw, I would be HONORED to take your family pics if you ever come to Hawaii. But I don't do professional shots, i just take them for fun. :)


Great work for being in the photo yourself. I did some silhouettes this week of my son and husband and it was hard enough to just direct them. My understanding is that you expose for the sky, but they look great. Beautiful shot!


Wow!! What a beautiful photo of your sweet family! For someone just messing around with your settings it looks like you nailed them! I agree with your critique if the dad was a little more to the right of the branch so it wasn't growing out of his head. I know it is hard but I would have loved to see the little one's profile as you kissed her head. I love how you used yours and your hubs body to frame your little one! This is such a wonderful silhouette photo! Thanks for posting it!

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