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27 August 2011


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Yay!! Love new lenses!! This is a great image with excellent DOF and even fun colorful bokeh! Glad you guys had fun on Kokusai Street. I'm sure there was TONS to photograph :O) Are those real frogs?? Nothing surprises me anymore :O) I can't wait to see even more pics with your new lens! Thanks for the shout out about my new design :O) Oh, glad it's not puss and just bubbles...hope you figure out what's going on!!


You know, I'm not sure if they're real. They were at several cheesy souvenir stores...so does that increase the chance that they were real or not? If they are real, I'd just be impressed that they got frogs to grow with zippers cutting them in half ;-)

Kim C.

Fitty Mil! Hilarious. Start a trend. :) Interesting change purses.

kelly kardos

that 50mil has a huge margin of error-after a year of putting in on, taking it off-yelling more than a few expletives, I MADE myself use the lens for the rest of my 365 I was doing at the time-I learned to love it...i mean LOVE it to where my other lenses were sad for not being used! Hope you learn to love it and marvel at what it does...especially for the price point that it is.


Love the lights bokeh in the background! I sometimes put my 50 mil on manual focus for still life that way you can see where your focus is falling or if you're really dexterous the dof preview.
Hope your eyes better soon, sounds horribly weird!


Congratulations on the new lens. I have been wanting a "Fitty" of my own for a while now, but it is hubby's birthday this week, so I guess I better wait a bit longer. I'll be watching to see what you do with it.


Do NOT buy me one of those purses. Unless it comes in super extra large and can double as a diaper bag.

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