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04 August 2011


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Aww I remember that picture of your daughter in the rainpost in one of the "I learned". Wow she's grown a lot! Super cute!


I think you're too hard on yourself, I think the last two are a huge improvement and really interesting shots. The lizard shot is fantastic great capture. The shot of your daughter is gorgeous, lovely light!
That drain pipe shot is just too funny, what a great memory to look back on and see how far you've come!


I love the lizard. Great that it is the central focus and there is nothing else distracting the view. I'm also the weirdo taking pictures of random things. Love that you said it out loud!

Living Free

I think you have learned a lot in the last year! Your lizard shot is great. I like the bokeh and how focused the lizard is. I love how sharp your daughter's eyes are. She is beautiful.


These are wonderful! I still remember that one of GNG in the drain! It makes me laugh :O) Look at your growth! I think you shouldn't be self conscious of showing people what you've learned!! I love the DOF of the one of the lizard :O) And that last one of GNG is beautiful! I love the soft light in her eyes!! Thanks for sharing with us!!


Thanks, everyone! You're encouraging!

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