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09 September 2011


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I like the one on the top best. Whatever that means....

A professional photogapher who was on our last two Stephen Taber cruises has told me that to save pics I should try to use RAW or TIFF. JPEG uses the least memory, but that's because it saves the fewest number of pixels.

Gail Moruza

I have no camera tips to offer, but Eva's Popsicle-Warrior Face is priceless.


Visiting from Click it Up a Notch. I wish I was knowledgeable enough to offer some advice...but I'm not. But I do want to say I love your sense of humor in your writing. Thoroughly enjoyable. And regardless of the color levels...your capture is priceless!



hey hoe long has Eva been saying her own name? (I know, totally not what I should be walking away from your post with... but I know diddly about cameras!)


I like the second one better, exposure wise. You probably know this already, but the camera's meter is exposing for 18% gray, and this doesn't always work for Caucasian skin. When photographing my girls, I usually expose to the right about 2/3 of a stop (I have a Canon; I think it's reversed on Nikons).

If you're looking for a good, not crazy expensive editing program, I've been super pleased with Photoshop Elements. It's less than $100 and lets your process RAW files in ACR. There's a bit of a learning curve with it, but you can do a lot with the program once you figure it all out.


Thanks everybody! Awa, she started pretty recently. Mostly when I say "How old is Eva?" And she pats herself on the chest and goes "I Eewa" all proudly.
Christine, that is helpful. I was thinking about getting that one. I also expose to the right for my daughter, which is why this problem is driving me completely crazy! I wonder if it is just a white balance thing.


Might be an issue with the color profile that Picasa is using to display the image. See here: http://www.howtogeek.com/70161/my-photos-look-different-on-the-internet-how-can-i-fix-them/

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