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19 September 2011


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Watching the tsunami video, I couldn't help but wonder - what is best if you are in one of those cars?

Do you really WANT to get out? The water rose so quickly (thankfully, not violently) as might in ANY flood (including the flash floods we had here in VA or VT) What happened to the man who got out at the beginning? Was he able to make it to safety? How would you swim with a baby? Where did he go?

The cars were floating, all be it engine end down. Would you be better off if everyone got in the back seat? Other cars seemed pretty stable in spite of water movement around. Why did this car turn so much? Was there someone inside paddling out the windows to turn it around?

Why was that guy at the intersection making those strange moves?


All of that is exactly what went through my mind! I had almost decided to stay in the car until the end. That was way too scary. I don't think I could have gotten her out of the car and sprinted to safety by the time the water got too deep, so I really don't know what I'd do. Maybe if I saw a definite stairway I could get up close by, I'd jump out and go for it.
That guy was doing that because he was trying to stay on his feet during the earthquake, I think.

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