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13 October 2011


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Liz Lee

Ugh...the evil stench of death coming up from floor drains...the cockroaches that NEVER die (I once poured scalding water on one in a bathtub, and it just kept going)...I certainly miss some of the obscurities of our life over there. Hopefully the flies go away soon. :)


ugh I hate clogged drains here! My shower drain clogs if I so much as look at it!
And yes, I agree: Japanese horror flicks are absolutely terrifying. I refuse to watch them anymore!


" They were Satan's messengers, harbingers of doom, reminders of stench and death and of things that eat stench and death and of sin." my favorite line!!!
absolutely gross and one of the few times I wish I had a man in my life to come as a knight in shining uniform to boot stomp the buggers to death...

and the best blogs aren't about quantity but quality... and friend, this was quality!!

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