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13 November 2011


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I feel the same way about our five years in Italy. I've started blogging more frequently to get myself in the habit for Germany. I want to look back and reread and see pictures that I can share with anyone I want.


With every single comment on my blog comes the thought "People actually read this? People actually WANT to read this?" But I think that hearing about your travels through the witty voice of Martha would be highly entertaining! You write so well that anything could be made interesting!


If you post enough picture people will read anything in between them :) Plus it's hard to live vicariously through you when you don't post absolutely everything on you blog. That's my two cents.


Heehee. We bloggers have gotta stick together. Thanks for the support, ladies!


The devil's in the details, so to speak. I like to read your observations of the tiny --the stuff i couldn't imagine on my own...

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