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08 December 2011


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i was so excited to see this, i ran from the kitchen with laptop in hand so i could sit and savor. see -- your words hold a power over me not even an afternoon mocha pot can break! maybe it's the jet lag keeping you extra honest, but this post was ALIVE. and i love the photo of your two loves in the trees. thank you for making a trail through the forest with your words, friend. tell it. xo


Bahaha I nearly had post-regret 5 minutes later because I was like, "My, I was honest..."

Muthering Heights

Oh no! Well, I'm glad there were some good parts as well...


Sounds like it may turn into a wonderful trip after all. (oh, I don't blame you about Twilight--I read the first one and that was more than enough for me.)


I read the first of the Twilight series so I could intelligently voice my concerns with it. I'm done. Tried to read Eric Wilson's series that Begins with Field of Blood (Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy), but just couldn't make it through. I don't care if it is by a Christian author and that LifeWay carries it - it is just weird.


I'va read all four Twilight books because my teenager was reading them and I wanted to be able to talk to her about them. While I don't think I will ever be reading them again... they DO get better as you go along. They are not my favorite books (or even in my top ten) but I really think they are better than everyone is giving them credit for...

The little girls and I are heading down to Richmond to see your sister soon. Hope we get to spend some time with you and E as well. :)


Here is a t-shirt for the hipster in you Martha...



Sarah! You're just being brainwashed by the books! ;-) I have no doubt that they are well-written...it's the content that I take issue with. L will definitely tell us if you come, so we'll see you if we're still here.
Daryl, I wish I were cool enough to buy that shirt...

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