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20 January 2012


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So when will this decision have to be made? It's funny you guys are coming to this decision right now, because some military (Navy) friends of ours here in Augusta, recently (liek last week) decided to move out of Augusta and into a 'burb. As we were organizing a packing party for them, I realized that we've (Marsh & I) have never done that. We don't change homes or neighborhoods; we change states and countries. Being married to a military man is so weird. Especially to me, the girl who lived in the same town from birth until she was 18 and then left for college. Although, I didn't live in the same house all those 18 years. During my childhood I did MANY in-town moves. It's literally like my kid life and adult life just flip flopped and are moving opposites.


1. You choose Okinawa over Fort Hood?? How could you?!?! I mean, come on, this place is awesome....ugh. :)
2. Poor Lincoln....and even poorer Lincoln when he had to ride like a girl behind N!
3. http://www.marshallsabroad.com/ This couple is stationed at Okinawa and they live beachfront! Maybe you know them? I'm not sure how what the size of military community is over there. Regardless maybe she has some tips for moving off post.


Having lived both on and off post... I prefer post. The fact that your next door neighbor is also military gives you something in common immediately. I always felt more isolated off post. As an adult in a non-military marriage, I miss being able to live on post. I know everyone and every place is different but I have always felt it easier to make friends on post. As a person that has made MANY in town moves (leases up, need bigger place, found less expensive place) be prepared because it is COMPLETELY different. S


Hmm. . . interesting conundrum. Glad you brought it up! I've done on post and off -- and there are pros + cons to both. New mom + multiple deployments: i was thankful for my on-post apartment. BUT: the charm goes up and the independence + charm goes up off post IMO. I love me some blog fodder so I vote for outside the fence. Just because you can. Especially while GNG is little. Wow, the "it won't be the same" comment hit home regarding Italia! That was painfully clear when the kids and I came back in '08 after deployment #3. Some places mess you up in the best of ways. . . and realizing that it was beautiful and it ended -- that's a wicked hard (and healthy) thing to process. All that to say, my heart is overseas. I don't care where. Just out there. So part of me says: just go for it, get a move on. But another part realizes that a move will impact your energy, your marriage, your mama-ness. Not in a negative way, necessarily. . . but it will change the game a bit -- or maybe a lot. What do you want from Oki/what do you want to give? What is best for your fam? Is there a real advantage involved to make it worth it? On and off are so different -- so it helps to be clear in your own mind what is important and what you can let go. I will say that living on post becomes more attractive once your kids are old enough to run outside and play. B plays football every afternoon outside our front door. Could he do that off post in a foreign country? Sure, but experience tells me he won't. But I would. . . hence my appreciation of the on vs off debate. Such a great topic. Eesh -- I need to make dinner. :) Keep us posted!!


Back in August when we found out we were moving to Germany you advised in very capital letters that we should live OFF POST. Perhaps if you remember and reflect on why you gave me that advice, you'll be closer to figuring out what would be best for you, your family (to include the canine submember and fish accessory), and the remaining time you have Oki.

I don't really have any other advice though. I've never done an in town move either. Having just gone through the house hunting stage and currently going through the unpacking stage of moving... the idea of going through both again without the army telling us we have to gives me the shivers.


So, I meant to say that I was not even going to consider touching the tip of the iceberg of pros/cons for moving off base in our particular situation. I was only thinking about the general concept of an in-town move when I wrote this. (I still think that living off base would be nicer in general, but I won't really go into the dozens of things on the pros and cons lists that I've thought of!) One biggie would be the fact that Eva is still so young, it's just as good for her to live off base. And that won't last. Also, the fact that I've been living on base for a while and have made friends that way (and others) means that it's not as scary to move--I'll have people to hang out with regardless. Uh, as much as I do hang out with anybody versus hiding in my house. Hiding in my house a lot means it would pay off to move away to a nicer house ;-)
Well, there I went into some of the "pros". Oops.
Val, I used to think that my heart was "out there". Now I know that by "out there" I mean Europe or maybe some other places but not Asia! (It's good to find it out, right?) But on base in a foreign country is in so many ways the worst of both worlds.

Jennie (haha, glad my subtle advice stayed with you!)--we tried desperately to live off base when we moved here. Pulled every move, went up the chain of command. Majorly ticked off a colonel (or 'captainly' as it were, hehe). So we were totally forced on base, otherwise I would have followed my own advice. And it's been good for us in many ways--I don't think I'd change the past.

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