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20 January 2012


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Love your photo. The sunflare, the swinging child in shadow, what bench?

Nadia R.

Actually, until you pointed out "the bench", I wasn't even focusing on that. I saw your photo and thought, what a perfect shot for this theme! To be a kid again!.... who doesn't dream about that? the carefree days, when you just spend time on the swings without a worry in your mind...
So, other than that, I like your photo and the concept of it :)


I have repeatedly been told that I am much harder on myself, and see things, that other's would never notice. I think this is a case in point with you :). I adore this photo. The lighting, the silhouette, the sense of freedom, the movement! I don't think I would have noticed the bench had you not pointed it out. BUT...instead of cloning...I sometimes find it easier to use the "spot healing" tool to erase small areas or imperfections on a photo. But I am a newbie photographer, so take my advice with a grain of salt! haha.



I love this picture!

little macaroon

I love this picture! I'm new to Photoshop too, studying an online course - man those retouches can take up a lot of time can't they!


Gorgeous! What a great photo.

Kim C.

I didn't see it either at first. It's lovely. I know what you mean though, I can loved a picture and then hate it later, or vice versa. But either way, each image we take teaches us a little more.


Gorgeous. I love the swinging child. The sun flare is beautiful. I think this photo is great. What bench?


so beautiful!


Magical... like a dream. ;) Beautiful capture!!

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