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31 January 2012


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Great post Martha, full of snark! Loved the "Beauty and a mess" post even though I'm not a mama. I feel like that is true of the blogging world many times, showing these wonderful, authentic, seemingly perfect lives that people live. Leaving out all the dirty, non-glamorous, real life stuff. And the sh*t people say to amputees? Hahaha, most people just post "Sh*t hot girls say" or "Sh*t guys with 6 packs say." Happy Vetran's Day! hahahaha


Ooooh and good luck with the move!


Yeah...bloggy world can be so depressing when you don't think about the fact that everyone else's desk is probably covered in crap too. Proverbially, not literally.
I knew that guy in college. Apparently he is (and was then) a motivational speaker. Hadn't paid much attention to his efforts until I saw this, which I thought was great.

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