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17 February 2012


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You know what they say: three moves is as good as a fire. If you think you've got a lot of stuff now, just wait until you get stateside and see what's in storage. My advice - try not to have the same stuff there next time you do an overseas move...or it may never go away!


Flattered. :)


Just let me get my hands on your stuff! We both know you'd have one pot and a post-it note left. You do not need that post-it.

Sarah Kp Fedor

I feel your pain Martha! We did 4 moves in the last 4 years on our own! (The move from Italy was a 5th move, but we had help from those Serbian thieves, I mean, military-contracted movers.) After our last move, (this past August . . . we now live in Philadelphia. . . don't know when I last caught you up) we did a huge purge, even furniture was donated! My sanity was almost lost, so I vowed never to go through a move like that again. And we are still missing some things! I'm starting to think maybe I gave them away by accident. Good luck with the unpacking and arranging. Wish I could be there to help. Miss u much!

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