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01 March 2012


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Sarah Kp Fedor

First of all, I think your daughter is gorgeous. I can't stop looking at your pics!! The sea animal pics are really good too. (Turtles are my favorite, with sea turtles and galapagos turtles duking it out for top place.) Secondly, I think Eva inherited a combo of your and the PF's brain. She's wonderful! But watch out parents! She's going to give you a run for your money in the future. I think the first conversation where she "outsmarts" daddy should be taped for the family archives. :o)


I LOVE that you've reemerged to start saying hi here :-) Miss you so much! And yeah, we are totally in for it when Eva gets older...ohhhh boy.

Cadena Trusty

LOVE THIS!! all of it! her facial expressions are precious!!! glad to see that you guys had such a great day, all together!!

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