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19 April 2012


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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I was just thinking about you being pregnant the other day, weird it's like I can predict the future. ;) But, seriously I am so very very very happy for you and Nathan. And soon enough Big Sister with "get it" and she'll be so excited (most of the time) too! Will you be finding out the gender before birth?

Gail Moruza

This is so exciting!! Story sharing time--one time when I was volunteering at the Harrisonburg Pregnancy Center, I had to witness an ultrasound (for some sort of legal reason) and the father was sooo excited to see his child that he fainted! He came to fairly quickly, but it was an incredible moment.
Anyway, I'm so happy for you!


I KNEW it!!! :)

P.S. Our parents are horrible gossips... always telling each other everything there is to know about all of their kids/grandkids.


Oh my goodness! Congrats!!! I was so just thinking about you and when you would be making this announcement.

Mary Moruza Costa

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Hope your sick feeling doesn't last very long :).


Congratulations!!! I can't wait to hear whether its a girl or a boy! :)

Kim Betts


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