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24 June 2012


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ahhhhhhhhh!!! SO CUTE! I am in love with the antennae photo! I wish she had a set of wings on!!


I die, she is so cute! I was all like "Hey Martin looook how cute Eva is!" Hope that's not too weird for you :) He was impressed with your photography skills as well.


Uhoh...my new task is to make a set of wings now! Or, um, just buy them.
Megan, I think that by putting them on my blog I'm prettymuch going "Hey world, look how cute Eva is!" So of course I don't think that's weird ;-)


She is so pretty. I love the lighting in the first photo.


such great captures of everyday life. i love the lighting you captured too.


Adorable!! She is so beautiful.


She is totally precious. Seriously beautiful and precious.


Your daughter is beautiful! Love the bridge shot and those antenna are so cute.

Ashley Sisk

What a cute set - I'm loving the light in the first shot.


Ok, can I be your kid? And can you make me some antenna?

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