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26 September 2012


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Beautiful Martha! I admire you, in your way with words, your faith, and your authenticity most of all. Terrifying to think of all the "normal" things that happen during pregnancy but your last paragraph was stunning. Although the thought of giving birth though makes me hyperventilate, it makes me look forward to a little Marty+Megan love child!


Haha! That was my main emotion with Eva too: terror about childbirth. I ended up getting an epidural and after that it was a total piece of cake. And now I can vouch for how worth-it it is!


This is beautiful, Marth! You perfectly capture the equal parts wonder and discomfort that is the state of preggers.

Christine Moruza

Hilarious and moving, Martha, as always! Well, at least the doc didn't threaten you with a paralyzed face! Be of good cheer, they're all battle scars we wear gratefully. Praying for your safe and joyful delivery, love, Aunt Chris

Mary Moruza Costa

Love this Martha. Can't wait for your little guy to come!! :)

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