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16 October 2012


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Molly Huggins

Ok, so I don't where else to post this. You commented on my blog at www.allthegracebetween.com. I don't know how you found me but I am so glad you did! First of all, this post made me cry. I love my babes through good days and bad and it is an utter marvel that I get to be their mother. Congrats on number two. Also, is it weird to say that I just browsed through your website and I think we should be friends. And I won't know if it ever will be IRL, but I am already blessed by your words and your presence here. Also, can I steal the NIcene Creed from you? I will absolutely give you and your friend credit for the original idea. Brilliant. Cause it's true. Thanks for reading (and commenting:). I'm subscribing now. Hope I didn't scare you off! Blessings.


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