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13 December 2012


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Wow. That's a lot to deal with, new baby style... Freakier.
I like doctors that act all doctors an take charge- can you imagine waiting around til Wednesday, just cause.
And, my guess, they made a game out of nursing intrusions! Like frat guys with their chalkboards!! Points vary by privacy intrusion level; people get bored.


So glad to have four next door again. :)


Oh Martha - that is so scary and so much for you all to have to go thru. I am so thankful that the doctors were able to treat the infection and he is doing just fine. Praying for him to continue doing well. Miss you guys! Will send a present soon. I promise!!


I just think you're awesome. And yay for being able to nurse this little guy. Wish we were closer...


Yeah, Ozzie! You just wanted your mommy to have to spell "urachal"...

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