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28 January 2013


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That great about the breast feeding! I Also had that. Renee was soooooo difficult (not her fault... Long story). I don't feel she and I ever did get it quite right. The first night home with Danielle I was exhausted, my mother-in-law had come in to stay with the other kids while I was in the hospital, Joe had invited our friends over, and Danie would NOT eat. I was crying and thinking, "I can not go through this again!". I burst into tears, handed her to Joey and told him to take her away and feed her. Just before he got out of the room I demanded my baby back! As he put her in my arms, I looked at my new perfect little princess and said, "You will nurse or you will starve!" and put Joe on strict instruction that a bottle was never to touch her lips!! Danielle nursed GREAT for 11 months! :) Hang in there. Practice makes perfect! ;)


P.s. He's gorgeous!! :)


Hah! Your story cracks me up. Eva was definitely going to starve--she even needed high calorie formula for a while after she switched. I guess we'll never know what exactly the problem was, but I know that Oz took to it like a fish to water.

And thanks!


I need to 3D skype with that baby. Invent it, nerds!!

Paul (Papaw)

Congratulations to Oz on his first roll over! I feel like we just got caught up on the last two months of growth.

Paul (Papaw)

Nice shot of his eye color. I can really see the greenish hazel

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